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The Angelbekk cabin, stable and outhouse from Stor-Jyltingen

The log cabin from Angelbekken by Småsjøvollen was originally built in Elgålia in the 1930s. Around 1950 the cabin was moved to Angelbekken. At the same time as the cabin was moved, it was also refurbished and got an annex housing a drying room and a pantry. After the refurbishment the cabin could house five to six men according to the regulations. Inside, the cabin was paneled and furbished with beds, seating areas, kitchen and cupboards.   

The stable was originally built at Hølbekken by Femundsenden in 1945. It was built using forced labor from NS prisoners. NS – Nasjonal Samling (National Unity) - was a fascist party founded in 1933. In 1950 the stable was moved to Stor-Jyltingen. Compared to other stables from the early 1900s, this stable has a very high standard. When the stable was moved to Stor-Jyltingen, this compound also got an outhouse. This was an unthinkable luxury in those days.    

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