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Fairytale Forest

In the Fairytale Forest the Blokkodden troll lives. He is good at hiding, but if you look carefully, he might appear! Sometimes he looks exactly like a rock and sometimes like a tree stump.

If you walk past the Welcoming house, across some tussocks and past some rocks, you will find the Labyrinth were the Blokkodden troll lives.

Behind the Labyrinth is the Troll house where you can discover the story about the Blokkodden troll.

If you walk even further into the Fairytale Forest, you will come across the old hag with her nose stuck in a tree stump, as well as other characters from the world of fairytales.

  • The old Troll woman is stuck in a tree stump out in the woods. She is made out of a crooked log.
    The old hag is stuck in a tree stump Knut Nerhagen
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