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Røros Copper Plant

In the north, Engerdal borders to Røros, and was for a period of nearly 100 years involved in the massive smelting activity in connection to the Røros copper plant. The operation required large amounts of timber in the production of charcoal and the smelting of ore. Large areas of forest was needed to provide enough timber. King Christian IV gave Røros a circumference – an area circling the city where the copper plant had access to timber and cheap labor. This also included the transportation of timber, ore and charcoal.

The UN has placed Røros on the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. In 2010, this was extended to include the entire circumference. The Femund Cabin (Femudshytten) is one of the four central areas of the circumference. When the forests surrounding the Femund Cabin were used up, the smelting cabin was moved to Drevsjø. Many of the farms whose work was connected to the business followed, by dismantling their houses and rebuild them at Drevsjø. At Blokkodden and other places at Drevsjø there are several remainders of the copper business, for example the remains of tens of large charcoal kilns from the mid-1700s.               

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