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Anno museum

Anno museum is one of Norway’s largest museums and covers a wide spectre of cultural and natural history, with local, regional and national significance. The museum was established in 2009 and is an assortment of both big and small museums spread all over the county of Hedmark. Our vision Knowledge of the past –commitment to the present is the museums leading mantra. United, Anno museum’s outdoor areas makes up Norway’s biggest open-air museum, and includes the largest collection of historical buildings in the country. Our museums have close to 230 000 visitors every year. 

The museum consists of 128 full-time equivalents and has a collection of about 170 000 objects, almost 500 historical buildings and close to 4,3 million photos, of which many can be found in our DigitaltMuseum.The museum is organized as a joint stock company, with the county of Hedmark the largest shareholder, holding 35 % of the stock. Each of the museum’s foundations hold a different share of stock.

Visit Anno museum’s web site to discover more of our many museums.  

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