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  • A reindeer heard crossing a gravel road and blocking a car.
    If you are lucky, you will meet a herd of reindeer like this one. The picture is taken on a side road not far from Blokkodden Bård Løken/Norsk Skogmuseum

Blokkodden Wilderness Museum is a peninsula in Lake Drevsjøen. On the south side, the lake forms a bay, Blokka, where the river Kvisla flows out. In the wetlands, there is a rich wildlife, with beaver lodges and many nesting ducks. In the old days it was common to put up nesting boxes for ducks, and then collect the eggs as an addition to the household. There are several nesting boxes at the museum area and in some of them common goldeneyes are nesting. For the past years, also swans have shown up at Blokkodden.     

The shape of the peninsula limits the amount of larger animals visiting the area. However, the king of the forest, the moose, sometimes pops by. In the middle of the night he drops egg shaped, brown orbs in little piles. It is not unexpected if a heard of reindeer visits the area, often in broad daylight. Bird song from the tree tops and squirrels hurrying up and down a tree trunk are your companions as you stroll down the pathways. You may also come across large woodland birds.   

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