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The Blokkodden troll lives in the Labyrinth together with his wife. Her name is the Troll girl from Moavollen. The Blokkodden troll is a shy fella, and tries to hide inside the Labyrinth. You can go inside the Labyrinth and look for him, but if you think you have found him it might only be a rock or a tree stump, because the troll is very good at hiding. The Blokkodden troll doesn’t only hide because he is shy. He is also worried you will find all the copper he has brought back from Røros.

This winter,  the Blokkodden troll has extended the Labyrinth to have even more places to hide.

  • A family in a labyrinth. The walls are made of planks og logs.
    In the Labyrinth you can look for the Blokkodden troll Trysil Engerdal museum
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