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Visitor information


  • The parking lot is located close to R26, about a kilometer south of Drevsjø. It is marked with three flagpoles and a large information board.


  • There is an area for barbecqing/campfires by the old fishing spot, by the celebreation grounds. This area also has benches.

Picnic areas

  • Picnic areas accessible for wheelchair users canbe found by the new fishing spot by River Hyttelve, by the log driver’s cabinand at the celebration grounds. There are also picnic areas by the Angelbekkcabin and by the entrance.

Bringing your dog

  • You are welcome to bring your dog when you visit Blokkodden. Dogs have to be kept on a leash so not to disturb other visitors or the wildlife.
  • Please remember to use poop bags if necessary. 


  • All our toilets are outhouses.  There are several toilets on the museum grounds, as well as a disability toilet by the Angelbekk cabin.

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