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Admission prices

Tickets can be purchased from the Velkomsthus by the main entrance

Adults: NOK 80

Children: NOK 40 (3-15 years)

Tickets include a guided tour

A guide booklet is available in Norwegian, English and German and costs NOK 20

Annual ticket

If you are planning to visit several of our museums in the course of a year, it is a good idea to acquire an annual ticket.

In addition to the ordinary museum visits, the ticket is also valid on special events arranged by Anno museum, like The Nordic Hunting and Fishing Days on The Norwegian Forest Museum in Elverum and the Medieval festival on Domkirkeodden in Hamar. The annual ticket is not valid on arrangements with fixed seating or events not arranged by Anno museum.

If you would like to bring other people with you on your museum visits, a guest ticket is a good option. The guest tickets are not personal, but are only valid in company with an annual ticket holder.  

The annual ticket is personal and identification is necessary upon entrance. The ticket is valid for 12 months from the date of purchase. They are sold in all our main entrances in Hedmark, or by contacting opplevelser@annomuseum.no.

Annual ticket can be purchased from: The Norwegian Forest Museum, The Glomdal Museum, Domkirkeodden, The Kirsten Flagstad Museum, Kongsvinger Museum, The Norwegian Women’s Museum, The Museum of Migration, Trysil Engerdal Museum and Ramsmoen: The Museum Center for the Museums of North Østerdal. 

The annual ticket also grants access to: Blokkodden Wilderness Museum, The Dølmo Museum Farm, Eidskog Museum, The Husan Farm, Klevfos Industrial Museum, Odal Village Museum, Odden Farmstead, Rendalen Village Museum, Sagstua School Museum, Skinnarbøl School Museum, Skålberg Sæter, Sørlistøa Log Drive Museum, Trysil Village Museum, Tylldalen Village Museum, Tynset Village Museum, Uppigard Streitlien and Aamodt Farm Museum.  

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