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Cabin from Lensmannsberget and stable from Skjærvangstjønna

This is the oldest cabin compound at Blokkodden, and is a good example on the forest dwellings from the beginning of the 1900s. The cabin is collected from Lensmannsberget by the Swedish border, northeast of Drevsjø, and was built around 1918. This is a large cabin, housing 10-12 men. The men slept close together on the benches in the back of the cabin. The cabin was taken back in use after a windfall around 1950. The cabin was then slightly changed on the inside, but essentially it looks the same as when it was first built. The shed in front of the entrance was built around 1950, in a technique the timber transporters often used when building stables.

The stable is from the same era, and was built in 1920 close to Skjærvagstjønna. It was built by a timber transporter and designed to house one horse. The construction is very simple and partly completed using a saw. It was not focused on keeping the logs at the same length. The stable is most likely the last one of its kind.    

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