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Celebration grounds

At the tip of Blokkodden lays the old celebration grounds where the young people of Drevsjø used to gather and dance in the summer nights. For many years, the locals gathered on June 7 to celebrate the resolution to Sweden in 1905. Even during World War II, the people of Drevsjø gathered here, regardless of the ban on public celebrations.

The museum has tried to maintain another tradition connected to the celebration grounds. When the youngsters got together, they often competed in the kile game. East of the celebration grounds lays a kile game arena where you can try out the game. The rules are handed out by the entrance and can be found on our web site.

By the celebration grounds, there is also a picnic area. On this spot there used to be a potato field. There used to be several potato fields down by the shore, where the fields were less prone to frost.  

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