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Hay barn

The hay barn comes from Kviltflået close to Drevsjø and was built in 1840. On larger fields by the rivers, it was common to build hay barns to store the dry hay until it was time to transport it to the farm. In some cases, the hay barn also served as a haymaker’s cabin (a resting place for haymakers). In those cases, the floorboards were put aside and used as benches, and a hearth was constructed on the earthen floor. The floorboards were put back in place when the hay needed to be stored. The buildings on the outlying fields were often made from materials previously used in old houses on the farm. Even though the working days were long during the haymaking, there was always time, especially for the young ones, to carve their name and the year onto the cabins’ logs.  The hay was transportet to the farm in late fall or during Christmas.  

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