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Haymaker's cabin

The haymaker’s cabin at Blokkodden did originally stand at Kviltflået, a marshland south of Drevsjø, where the farms at Kvilten had their outlying fields. The cabin was probably built before 1840. The inscriptions on the walls tell us who used the cabin and what they experienced. The cabin is a primitive timber cabin, called ljørbu, with a hearth and benches along three walls. The cabin is furnished to house five persons. The haymaker’s cabins in Engerdal were all ljørbus. All ljørbus looked the same whether they were used as forest dwellings, hunting and fishing cabins, seters (outlying field cabins) or haymaker’s cabins. As forest dwellings and as haymaker’s cabins this kind of cabins were used until after World Was II. The haymaker’s cabins often had a grindstone behind the wall.  

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